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Smarter communications

Communication providers do more than provide a dial tone. They connect and enable business. Here's how they can be smarter.

IBM Customer Insight Solution for telecommunications

The challenge

Actionable insight is buried in huge volumes of data

Smarter systems are capturing more and more information about customers—and this has the potential to differentiate service providers based on how they manage the customer. However, sifting through the detritus and extracting the relevant data, understanding the relationships in the data, and correlating the importance of the data with preferred business outcomes requires complex analytical processing in a business-aware context.


The solution

Exploit data and analytics to drive business decisions

The IBM Customer Insight Solution for telecommunications can help your company examine the way your customers communicate, engage with services, make purchasing decisions and download applications. They can help you understand who is most likely to churn and why, what remedial action is most likely to change their mind, and which channel is the best to communicate with them. When integrated with existing business processes, our solutions can make your business smarter and more effective. Completing the cycle, decision or campaign analytics can help you understand the accuracy of your decisions, driving consistent improvement in the application of analytics.


The benefits

Deep business insight for intelligence-driven decisions

At the heart of this solution are business intelligence and analytic capabilities that exploit information from every point of customer contact, so you can proactively manage your communications customers based on their preferences and behavior.

The solution can enable you to:


The specifics

Delivering an integrated view of customer behavior

Once a solution architecture has been defined, IBM brings together a proven combination of software, hardware and independent software vendor partnerships for: