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Smarter communications

Communication providers do more than provide a dial tone. They connect and enable business. Here's how they can be smarter.

Communications technology connects the world


In a Reuters survey, 61 percent of Americans said it would be easier to live without air travel than the Internet.1 This hyper-dependence on communication networks is hardly limited to the US. By 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet worldwide.2

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But as demand continues to skyrocket, the field of competitors grows even more crowded with players that weren’t considered communications service providers (CSPs) a few years ago, such as Amazon, Google and Apple.

So how should a CSP react when these powerful brands become competitors overnight, and customers churn at an alarming rate? The answer is to get faster, smarter and more efficient. The answer is to transform.

But the challenges ahead are formidable, and there are many paths to success. Major strategic decisions must be made quickly that ensure CSPs can compete in an all-IP world, operate with the leanest and most agile cost model, and delight their customers.


Four key imperatives for smarter communications:

Deliver smarter services to generate new sources of revenue more quickly.

Smarter services are personalized for each customer, represent a large number of varied services, and can be tested, adapted and scaled quickly. They are built on a next-generation services platform, often using cloud technology. Smarter services embrace an ever-growing application partner ecosystem, expanding your offering portfolio for current customers as well as new vertical markets, including banking, healthcare, government and more.

Transform operations to achieve business and service excellence.

Smarter operations deliver OSS/BSS agility, a superior customer experience and operational cost control. They implement open architectures and standards-based solutions as established by organizations like the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the TeleManagement Forum (TMF). This approach to transformation lowers risk, improves operational efficiency and allows the CSP to respond more rapidly to business change for faster results.

Analytics: Real-world use of big data in telecommunications

Deliver a highly relevant experience 
to maximize the value of each customer

Personalized shopping can provide a seamless experience across multiple channels― from web to mobile to social. It means you can serve dynamic offers based on your customer’s preference and intention. You can understand each customer, using data such as location, social networks, sentiment and propensity to churn. By integrating with intelligence from areas such as service assurance, retail stores, online, campaigns and call centers, your portfolio of solutions can intelligently maximize each customer touch point.

Build smarter networks to optimize and monetize next-generation networks.

Smarter networks use analytics to help monetize network data for new network-based services that provide the right quality of service to the right person, at the right time and at the right price. They maximize network capacity and utilization, enabling the CSP to reduce or defer the potentially massive infrastructure investments required to keep pace with traffic growth. Smarter networks transform IT and network operations from reactive to proactive organizations. Using predictive analytics, smarter networks can improve the efficiency, security and energy usage of passive infrastructure such as cell sites, data centers and other facilities, and even device endpoints.