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The new science of giving people what they want

With technology now infused into every aspect of commerce, the entire craft of marketing becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. This leads to profound changes in ways the discipline is understood, led and practiced.

The onus of this evolution has landed on the doorstep of the Chief Marketing Officer. And that means that the mind-set, as well as the skill set, of a CMO has to evolve right along with it.

Three mandates for the new CMO have taken shape

Paint a predictive picture of each customer as an individual—on a massive scale.

  • IBM

    Analytics: the real world use of big data

    This study looks at the big data journey and the challenges of organizations on it.

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    Customer analytics pay off

    Top performing organizations use analytics to turn customer data into actionable insights.

Create systems of engagement so you do more than shape desire—you predict it.

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    Report: State of Marketing Survey 2012

    Marketers must expand their role in leading the customer experience.

  • Why leading marketers outperform

    Why leading marketers outperform

    High performance marketers make intelligent investments and use technology and social media.

Design your culture and brand so they are authentically one.

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    The business of social business: What works and how it's done

    A new study reveals how organizations can use social approaches to create meaningful business value.

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