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Smarter Cities

Safe neighbourhoods. Quality schools. Affordable housing. Traffic that flows. It's all possible.

IBM Actionable Business Architecture for Smarter Cities

The challenge

How can cities cope and prosper?

The majority of us live in cities, and the percentage is growing. Municipal leaders responsible for the complex network of people, services and aging infrastructure are looking for better ways to analyze data, anticipate problems and coordinate resources. As municipal operations and technology become more intertwined, development and deployment of successful IT systems that address changing needs become extremely critical.


The solution

Finding the path to a smarter city

By 2050, 70 percent of the world will live in cities. And, as cities grow and expand their services, the management, operations and governance across the city becomes increasingly complex. By treating the city as a multipart ecosystem, leaders and policy makers can integrate their vision and strategy, then build a road map that promotes well-being, prosperity and productivity.

The concept of the Actionable Business Architecture for Smarter Cities could be the answer. It consists of a set of new operating models, including a model for the city ecosystem, models for individual systems of cities and models for shared functions like finance, HR and payroll. These revised models reflect current strategic concepts designed to help cities gain new insight from the data they gather on the complex relationships between municipal organizations, personnel and resources, and the services mandated by its citizens.

The models have been developed to offer municipal leaders an integrated approach to formulating the city’s strategy and provide the insight necessary to drive transformational changes. They also rely heavily on IBM’s extensive knowledge and rich experience gained from more than 2,000 Smarter Cities projects.


The benefits

Innovative thinking can work wonders

In most cities, the core systems, such as transportation, public safety and utilities, need to be designed in an integrated fashion to achieve common goals, share resources or exchange information. By applying new thinking to the ways these systems interconnect, cities can reap significant benefits.


The specifics

Four steps to start the journey

Actionable Business Architecture for Smarter Cities (PDF,2.54MB) provides operating models that encompass performance metrics, process models, IT models, business solutions and project initiatives. Implementation of these models includes four steps that can make municipalities smarter:



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