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Smarter Cities

Safe neighbourhoods. Quality schools. Affordable housing. Traffic that flows. It's all possible.

Smarter city assessment tool

The challenge

Charting a path to prosperity

Every city has strengths, weaknesses and ideally a vision for the future as well. When you have an understanding of your current performance, you can develop a long-term strategy and identify short-term goals. You can prioritize and invest in systems, optimize services and discover new opportunities for growth. The smarter city assessment tool from IBM is designed to provide insights to help you formulate your city’s vision and strategy for the future, and benchmarks your city’s performance against other cities and best practices.


The solution

Gain new perspectives and insights

As the world becomes increasingly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent in nature, cities are challenged to do better with less for more people. The first step to making your city smarter is the development and refinement of a strategy. The smarter city assessment tool captures a holistic view of your systems: city services, citizens, businesses, transport, water, energy and communication. It uses a weighted scoreboard methodology that has relevant criteria for each core system and assigns weights for a tailored and comprehensive assessment. This process helps define and assess the overall status and the ongoing performance of individual systems and the city as a whole.

Understanding how your city is performing today and where progress is being achieved can help city authorities and stakeholders advance their approach to becoming a smarter city. The smarter city assessment tool can help you identify emerging strengths and weaknesses, highlight where real progress is occurring and develop a plan for future improvements so you can prioritize your actions and investments.


The benefits

Making city services smarter

IBM works with you to assess your city’s current situation and then benchmarks your results against a selection of similar cities and best practices. We collaborate with you and take your city’s vision and priorities into account. The assessment:


The specifics

Proven research and methodologies

The smarter city assessment tool was developed by IBM Global Business Services based on proven location assessment methodologies. It measures cities’ performance against indicators for each of the smarter city systems and identifies challenges and opportunities for improvement. Our deep business insight, advanced research, tools and technology help protect you from the unknown and predict what is on the horizon. Intelligence is being infused into the way our cities work. The assessment tool is the first step toward a smarter future for your city.



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