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Smarter Cities

Safe neighbourhoods. Quality schools. Affordable housing. Traffic that flows. It's all possible.

Planning and management services

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    City planning and management means building and carrying out ways for a city to realize its full potential for while maintaining efficient day-to-day operations. City leaders must think holistically about operations insight, law enforcement and emergency management, government and agency administration, and urban planning including smarter buildings.

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Public safety

For everything from traffic tie-ups to security breaches, public safety agencies can gather data from disparate sources; deliver it in real time to key stakeholders, emergency management decision makers and first responders. Analytics are used to derive new insights and uncover trends before they become systemic issues or criminal events. Visit the Smarter Public Safety site and explore public safety solutions for cities.

Public safety: law enforcement

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The Mesa, Arizona Police Department finds smarter policing with faster information access.

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Miami-Dade Police Department uses statistical analyis to detect crime patterns.

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High-performance law enforcement
Technology-powered policing for the twenty-first century.

Smarter Cities: Public Safety

Smarter Cities: Public Safety
Strengthening cities with smarter law enforcement and emergency management


Public safety: emergency management

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21st Century Emergency Management

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Becoming a smarter city
Six public safety projects that can deliver quick results when facing crime, threats and disasters

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Smarter policing

Vancouver Police Department uses IBM Big Data to combat cross-jurisdictional crime.

Smarter Cities: Public Safety
Strengthening cities with smarter law enforcement and emergency management


Smarter Buildings

Managed through a central repository, buildings fit with smart sensors and control systems can measure, sense and see the condition of practically everything in them. Smarter buildings lower maintenance and energy costs, and improve reliability and sustainability. Visit the Smarter Buildings site and explore smarter buildings and urban planning solutions for cities.

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In New Orleans, Tulane University’s hurricane-damaged school of architecture becomes a “smarter building living lab.”

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IBM’s Rochester campus exemplifies the economic, operational and environmental benefits of smarter buildings solutions.

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Understanding the IBM approach to efficient buildings

Smarter Buildings:  Achieving cost-effective and sustainable property portfolios

Smarter Buildings: Achieving cost-effective and sustainable property portfolios


City planning and operations

Smarter cities rely on reservoirs of data to design and implement their planning and operations. But information is only useful if it can be analyzed, and that’s where advanced analytics come in. Explore urban planning solutions for cities on the Smarter Buildings site.

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In IBM Smarter Cities Solutions on Cloud

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Nice Côte d'Azur Building a Smart and Sustainable Metropolis with the IBM Intelligent Operations Center.

Opening up government

Intelligent Operations Center helps coordinate city resources

Enabling Smarter Cities with Intelligent Operations Center

Enabling Smarter Cities with Intelligent Operations Center


Government and agency administration

In smarter cities, successful leaders are finding ways to reorient their information technology and policies to guide smart growth and address the needs of their citizens and businesses. Visit the Smarter Government site and explore government solutions for cities.

Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, Texas, the Joint Emergency Operations Center improves communications and response times.

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The Foundations of Efficiency
Learning to do more with less

Opening up government

Opening up government
How to unleash the power of information for new economic growth

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A vision of smarter cities
How cities can lead the way into a prosperous and sustainable future