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Smarter Cities

Safe neighbourhoods. Quality schools. Affordable housing. Traffic that flows. It's all possible.


  • Human services support the needs of the citizen as an individual, both as developmental foundations and as social services assistance. Typically this includes workforce services, social programs, healthcare and education.

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Social programs

Citizen-driven social programs enable timely access to the right programs, effective delivery of such programs, and improved outcomes to ensure that citizens are getting promised benefits — with reduced cost of delivery. Explore social programs solutions for cities and learn about Smarter Care.

Alameda County (00:05:26)

Alameda County, California, improves social services by coordinating agencies through a new reporting system.

Corpus Christi (00:05:26)

Corpus Christi, Texas, adds intelligence to thousands of city assets, improving the way services are delivered to its residents.

The value of smarter social services
Transforming service delivery in challenging times

Smarter Cities: Social Programs

Smarter Cities: Social Programs
Timely access to and effective delivery of the right programs can improve outcomes for citizens


Smarter Care

Healthcare analytics turns data into clinical and business insights in real time for point-of-care decisions and productivity. Forward-thinking organizations are connecting their healthcare data, systems and processes to facilitate secure communications and information sharing. Visit Smarter healthcare and explore healthcare solutions for cities. Learn about the collaborative approach to Smarter Care.

Bangkok Hospital (00:02:54)

Bangkok Hospital personalized care and optimized decision making with unified patient records and real-time business information.

Smarter Care: Impact at the point of care

Increasing community prosperity by improving health and wellness

Smarter Cities: Healthcare

Smarter Cities: Healthcare
Gaining clinical and business insights from data to improve point-of-care decisions and productivity



Advances in education management and technology—analytics, early warning systems to identify at-risk students, cloud computing—can help our systems refresh outdated infrastructures with new functionality. Visit Education for a smarter planet and explore education solutions for cities.

The Hamilton County Department of Education (00:03:12)

The Hamilton County Department of Education uses analytics and advanced modeling tools to keep kids on the right track.

Mobile County Public Schools

Mobile County Public Schools reduce the student drop-out rate using a targeted business intelligence solution.

Smarter Education: Building the foundations of economic success

Smarter Education: Building the foundations of economic success

Education solutions for cities