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New ways of doing business need new security strategies

Technology continues marching forward. Your IT systems must now supply enormous amounts of data to users around the globe, who access it from both their organizational and personal handheld devices. This evolution in business brings the challenge of securing your systems and data in a multi-perimeter world.

A siloed approach to enterprise security is no longer effective. To protect your business against today’s threats, you need comprehensive security strategies and solution that adapt to and respond in real-time to the needs of your IT environment. This includes:

A historical look at security incidents by attach type, time and impact, 2011 to 2013 2012 sampling of security incidents by attack type, time and impact

SecTor- Security Education Conference

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly - 2Q 2014

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  • IDC

    Forward-thinking technology leaders are not laying back but taking their strategies around risk and the datacentre to a new level

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Building a Security Operations Center

Building a security incident response plan that works

The IBM Security Intelligence Framework

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