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Smarter retail

From recognition to research to reviews, the consumer is in control.

Social media monitoring and analytics solution from IBM

The challenge

Need to understand consumers better

Being a smarter retailer involves listening to the customer and ultimately improving the shopping experience. Consumers are influenced by more than your marketing campaigns, including what other shoppers say. They leverage the Internet to discuss brands, products and their shopping experiences on various websites. For a competitive advantage, retailers and manufacturers need to monitor and analyze these dialogues to make better decisions about their merchandise, stores, service and promotions.


The solution

Analyze your consumers' preferences

The social media monitoring and analytics solution from IBM can help you leverage the power of social media to generate actionable insights into consumers’ preferences and behavior—addressing their expectations and enhancing their shopping experience. Our solution, based on innovative research and software technologies, helps you understand consumer sentiment. IBM Cognos® Consumer Insight (CCI), a packaged social media analytics solution, enables you to automatically collect consumer generated content from the Internet; measure customer sentiment; and analyze perceptions about your brand, your competitors and general product and shopping trends.


The benefits

Leverage the power of social media

Our solution can help retailers:


The specifics

Social media monitoring and analytics