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Smarter retail

From recognition to research to reviews, the consumer is in control.

Next generation e-commerce

The challenge

Capturing and addressing new e-commerce opportunities

In a rapidly evolving digital marketplace, you are under pressure to transform your current inflexible, single-channel website into an integrated, cross-channel customer- centric selling environment that allows consumers to shop where and how they wish. Too often existing e-commerce websites have limited user interface features or few cross-channel capabilities, preventing you from capturing new e-commerce business opportunities. The result is lost sales and brand promotion opportunities as well as increased operational expenses.


The solution

Deploying an integrated e-commerce platform

The next generation e-commerce solution from IBM provides a preconfigured, leading-edge implementation of the IBM WebSphere® Commerce platform with reduced risk to help you attain higher transaction volumes and greater business agility. The solution uses a rich Web 2.0 user interface and includes advanced e-commerce and cross-channel enhancements designed to establish consumer dialogs across channels, helping you achieve better conversion rates and digitally influenced store sales. Our solution leverages IBM’s experience and technology to provide a more effective starting point and faster time to value.


The benefits

Driving improved conversion rates and user experience

Our flexible standards-based solution integrates several leading-edge e-commerce and cross-channel capabilities to:


The specifics

Leveraging best practices for faster time to value

By implementing additional WebSphere features and functionality on a single platform, IBM Global Business Services can help you create a flexible, next generation web platform that includes rich Web 2.0 technologies, user experience design and cross-channel capabilities so you can accelerate projects and enhance the customer experience. Our solution is designed using the IBM Retail Integration Framework and leverages retail best practices to provide a more effective starting point and faster time to value. Some of the key attributes of this enterprise-level solution include: