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Cross-channel order management

The challenge

Meeting consumer expectations

Consumer expectations of the shopping experience have forever changed. They demand a consistent brand experience delivered seamlessly across channels. “Buy anywhere, receive anywhere”; local store inventory availability; and the ability to purchase extended range items are no longer seen as innovative, but rather are quickly becoming the norm. These are today’s retailer imperatives and are part of the cost of being a customer-centric business.

By infusing agility and intelligence into the shopping process, retailers can convert more consumers into customers and thus increase market share. However, this is easier said than done. Consumers do not care about sales channels, organizational or system silos. They want to be able to research; locate inventory; purchase; track; receive; schedule service; and return anywhere, at anytime and from any touchpoint.


The solution

A cross-channel shopping experience

The cross-channel order management solution from IBM enables retailers to meet the expectations of today’s smarter consumer by creating a seamless cross-channel shopping experience. Our solution creates a single system of record for customer orders across the enterprise while helping to provide shoppers and sales associates visibility into cross-channel inventory positions. In addition, this solution is designed to orchestrate and optimize the most complex order, inventory and fulfillment processes, allowing retailers to enable a smarter shopping experience in an efficient manner.


The benefits

Gain visibility into cross-channel inventory

The cross-channel order management solution is designed to help:


The specifics

Deliver a cross-channel solution across consumer touchpoints

As the proliferation of consumer touchpoints continues to expand, retailers have the task of providing a seamless cross-channel shopping experience. To deliver on ever-increasing consumer expectations of “buy anywhere, receive anywhere,” retailers must be able to orchestrate their operational complexities in a manner that provides consumers with their desired experience. The cross-channel order management solution from IBM enables retailers to: