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Smarter retail

From recognition to research to reviews, the consumer is in control.

IBM Single View of Customer for retail

The challenge

Know your customers, gain their loyalty

Incomplete and inaccurate customer information costs retailers dearly in lost revenues. However, by aggregating customer information into a single repository—and exploiting advanced analytics to decipher that information for clues about your customers’ shopping habits—you can more deeply understand your customers and make better decisions regarding how best to position or market your products to meet individual customer needs. This can enhance your ability to cultivate customer loyalty.


The solution

Put customer information to work for you

The IBM Single View of Customer solution provides a single repository for all enterprise customer information, as well as powerful analytics that generate actionable information so you can make better-informed business decisions—from marketing to merchandising and from to store operations to customer service.

The solution enables the integration and normalization of customer information from across the retail enterprise, external partners and data providers. This single source will allow you to operationalize the acquisition, distribution and management of enterprise-wide customer information. The solution then applies advanced analytics that help you gain important customer insights—including customer trends and affinities—and identify new opportunities.

The IBM Single View of Customer solution enables you to deliver greater customer value by facilitating personalized customer interactions across all channels and customer touch points. It ensures accurate information about each customer so you can respond to his or her individual needs and preferences in a timely, relevant manner.


The benefits

One customer, one view

The solution can help you increase efficiencies, optimize your business model and respond quickly to customer buying trends by:



The specifics

IBM technologies drive your success

Powering the IBM Single View of Customer solution are industry-leading technologies.