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Tailored assortment for retail from IBM

The challenge


Fractured planning processes. An inability to optimize inventory investments while avoiding stock-outs and over-stocks. Under-buying because of poor demand forecasting. The retail market brings with it many challenges, especially in today’s competitive financial environment. The tailored assortment solution for retail from IBM is designed to help you increase profit margins through optimized inventory levels and customized product offerings.


The solution

Increase sales with tailored offerings

Competition among retailers has changed the way consumers shop. They have more choices of where to shop, what to buy and how much to spend. So, how can you increase the likelihood they’ll choose your store over your competitors’? Enhancing your customer knowledge is key. You need to know where your customers shop, why they shop, how much they typically spend and how to adjust your offerings to meet those needs.

The tailored assortment solution for retail from IBM is designed to increase the success of your retail establishment by enhancing customer data and using it to your advantage. Identify buying trends. Know your customers by region and store. Customize your offerings right down to the desired item and price for your particular customer set. Make the necessary adjustments to your retail environment to increase profits, optimize inventories and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


The benefits

Identify trends. Gain customers.

The tailored assortment solution for retail from IBM can help you better leverage sales data by providing up-to-the-minute customer and merchandise performance information. Our solution is designed to help your company become more instrumented and interconnected, providing the intelligence needed to:

  • Develop better plans to make smart inventory investments.
  • See trends as they emerge to align supply and demand.
  • Manage stock levels to drive sales and margins.
  • Understand customer spending habits and customize offerings accordingly.


The specifics

Leverage proven IBM technology

Our portfolio of state-of-the-art software and services includes:

  • IBM® WebSphere® Business Integration for Retail Distribution: provides a unified view of corporate data and processes by integrating packaged, custom and legacy applications.
  • IBM DB2® Warehouse Manager: helps build, manage and access data warehouses, as well as integrate business intelligence tools and applications.
  • IBM DB2 Intelligent Miner®: provides a scalable solution, focused on the technical issues of large-scale mining on IBM AIX®, Windows NT®, Sun® Solaris, and IBM OS/390®, directly mining DB2 data.
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server: offers a single code base that enables multiple deployment options from a single server.
  • IBM eServer™ pSeries®: a highly-available platform for powerful UNIX® and Linux solutions.