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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Loyalty marketing solution for travel from IBM

In an industry over-saturated with customer reward programs, travel companies need to improve the entire journey. IBM can show you how to use analytics to implement a loyalty strategy to help you gain a significant advantage over the competition.

IBM Cognos software for travel and transportation

IBM® Cognos® software for travel and transportation helps you plan and forecast, align supply with demand, optimize for efficiency, monitor performance and adjust day-to-day operations to exceed targets and respond to market changes. It turns data into actionable information so you can make better-informed business decisions.

Video correlation and analysis suite from IBM

Traditional video surveillance systems present a number of challenges for transportation facilities. Video correlation and analysis suite (VCAS) from IBM can help integrate data from a variety of monitoring devices, and apply advanced analytics to improve security, reduce security overhead and move from a reactive to a proactive response.

Self-service kiosks for rail

Give travelers the convenience they desire with self-service kiosks in your rail station. Shorten lines at ticket counters. Enable passengers to board their trains faster. Reallocate front-line staff to more value-add customer services. Improve passenger satisfaction to build loyalty.


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