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Smarter Oil and Gas

Market volatility, production challenges, environmental concerns, and the smarter way to address them

Integrated operations solution for upstream from IBM

The challenge

Meet the challenges of supply and demand

For upstream operations, production and reliability are under constant pressure. Accelerating demand, growing competition for oil reserve access and the need to improve recoveries from existing assets as well as find new sources require smarter and more innovative upstream operations. Get more from your existing reservoirs and oil field assets with the integrated operations solution for upstream from IBM. Our solution can help you enable remote, collaborative management of reservoirs, facilities, plants and equipment—with near-real-time information.


The solution

Smarter, more effective resource management

Gather, consolidate and use data from across your oil fields to develop actionable insights. Intelligent alarms on instrumented assets—such as pumps, valves, temperature and pressure transmitters, and flow meters—can be event triggered or activated. By linking older facilities and assets with newer equipment, and even extended supply chain operations, across global locations, you can take advantage of real-time information to make more informed decisions. We can help you deploy advanced analytics and optimization to gain reservoir and well exploration insights for more intelligent decision making. And you can optimize field operations by sharing that intelligence with pervasive computing devices that promote collaboration. Our solutions connect disparate systems and platforms, as well as people and equipment, to enable information sharing, enterprise-wide visibility and interoperability.


The benefits

Advanced analytics and automation

Our integrated operations solution for upstream can help you:

  • Drive optimal performance with intelligent management and control that comes from effective data capture, analysis and alerting.
  • Support better decision making with advanced analytics and optimization.
  • Maximize uptime and lifting capabilities with near-real-time monitoring and analysis of reservoir and production data.
  • Optimize field force efficiency with remote management and automation tools.
  • Unify company systems for integrated operational data across the extended enterprise.


The specifics

The tools for deep business process improvements

IBM understands the challenges and business dynamics that your company faces, especially in exploration and production. Together with key IBM Business Partners, we are well equipped to implement a comprehensive integrated operations solution for upstream companies. Our extensive industry relationships with suppliers and providers of control systems help us deliver a customized solution that avoids a "rip-and-replace" implementation, while providing access to new enabling technology for:

  • Near-real-time data collection and application implementation.
  • Data mining to make proactive decisions so performance objectives can be achieved and production downtimes avoided.
  • Control room portals and alerts for better collaboration and decision making.



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