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Smarter Oil and Gas

Market volatility, production challenges, environmental concerns, and the smarter way to address them

Intelligent asset management for oil and gas

The challenge

Working together is tough to do

Oil and gas companies struggle with asset management challenges that traditional approaches don’t address. Often systems and people simply aren’t communicating. But when it comes to increasing asset life, planning shutdowns and reducing manual interventions, you need real-time collaboration across teams. With the intelligent asset management solution for oil and gas from IBM, you can improve collaboration, monitor asset condition and proactively manage your assets.


The solution

A smarter approach to planning

The intelligent asset management solution provides a unified platform that links information from your plant, financial and operational control systems to gain more complete information about your assets and a more cohesive, time-based view of your operations. The solution then connects your people and systems, giving all stakeholders the information they need to make better decisions to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your plant operations.

The solution also provides advanced analytics and intelligence tools to help predict plant performance and equipment health using key performance indicators (KPIs), so you can plan operations and maintenance activities. With the software dashboards, you can monitor performance, set targets and optimize resources. What-if scenarios help you gain insights into the costs and benefits related to your plans.

When you understand how your plants behave, you can intelligently evaluate and enhance your oil and gas operations to help reach your desired production levels, identify possible ways to reduce costs, mitigate risk, optimize outage scheduling and comply with environmental regulations more easily.


The benefits

Insights into assets and operations

By integrating your asset and plant operations systems and employing advanced analytics tools, the intelligent asset management solution can help you:

  • Enable real-time collaboration across the organization.
  • Develop more informed plans for unit-based production dispatch, plant operations and maintenance activities.
  • Automate workflow and maintenance processes.
  • Increase asset reliability, productivity and performance while improving efficiency and safety.


The specifics

More intelligence and reduced risks

This solution takes advantage of the IBM Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework (C&P IIF), a configurable software platform that gives standards-based access to integrated information about production processes and assets across multiple facilities. The C&P IIF delivers business process management (BPM) tools with common services to help businesses enhance production, improve asset management and optimize global operations with existing resources. With support for upstream, midstream, downstream chemicals production, the C&P IIF enables integrated operations across all lines of business within the chemical and petroleum industry.



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