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Smarter Natural Resources

Extract natural resources more efficiently through effective data mining

Canada’s natural resources industries, particularly oil sands production, hard rock mining and forestry, face local challenges and opportunities that are unique to Canadian markets, economy, ecology and society. For example, oil sands production is pushing innovation in how and where oil can be produced. With this innovation comes new forms and uses of information that can help improve discovery, increase yields, lower costs, predict maintenance issues, and increase safety and environmental performance.

As oil sands operations adopt new technologies in greenfield operations and turnarounds, new opportunities also exist to push new practices into business processes and information technology (IT). In this light, oil sands producers can be leaders in global innovation, pioneering new ideas beyond production to include asset management, remote operations, safety performance and more.

The velocity and quality of innovation coming from Canadian operations will contribute vastly to the evolution of the natural resource industry at large, and help advance a shared vision for a Smarter Planet.

IBM Natural Resources Solution Centre, Calgary

The IBM Natural Resources Solution Centre, Calgary introduces industry experts dedicated to addressing unique Canadian business challenges, along with the breadth and expertise of IBM centres already located around the world in Brisbane, Perth, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Dallas, Stavenger, New York, and Bangalore. Each Centre is focused on solving some of the toughest issues facing energy and mining organizations in their own region and collaborating globally on industry-wide initiatives.

The mission of the IBM Natural Resources Solution Centre, Calgary is to promote smarter operations for petroleum and mining businesses in Canada. Located within IBM's offices in Calgary, the Centre leverages IBM's annual global R&D budget of US$6 billion, which includes investment in the development of Smarter Planet natural resources sector solutions such as IBM's Intelligent Oilfields.

The Centre will coordinate and support client driven research among natural resource organizations, Canadian research institutions, IBM research scientists and other global Natural Resources Solution Centre locations. Beginning with a focus on improving major capital project performance, extending through handover, commissioning, operations and maintenance, the IBM Natural Resources Solution Centre, Calgary contributes at every step to a safe, reliable, productive, and optimized operation.

  “    Research is fundamental to innovation. IBM and our clients can innovate to address some of the toughest challenges oil sands production and mining can bring, making us more agile, quicker to change, and ultimately more competitive as an industry and as a country.

-Doug Hanson, Director, IBM Natural Resources Solution Centre, Calgary

A centre for collaboration

The Natural Resources Solution Centre, Calgary is designed to help clients develop their unique, competitive advantages by:

The Centre supports the development of first-of-a-kind programs and the testing of new solutions, as well as offering designated areas for client briefings and laboratories for research and development work. Services offered at the centre include:

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