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What 'smarter' means.

Smarter Security. Security is in your hands. Protecing the mobile enterprise in a BYOD world.
Smarter Cities. Urban solutions. Workable ways to make the cities we love more livable.
Smartet healthcare. How do you feel about healthcare? Learn how we're getting smarter about getting better.
Smarter government. Changing times. When the going gets tough, governments have to work smarter.
Smarter education. Advanced studies. Coaching schools to win with analytics, open source systems and the cloud.
Smarter public safety. Safety in numbers. Learn how analytics help top cops spot trends and crunch crime.
Smarter banking. Show me the sustainability. For bank customers, money is'nt the only thing worth saving.
Smarter insurance. Risky business. Insurance is getting smarter through analytics and innovation.
Smarter oil and gas. Energy matters. A smarter oil and gas industry analyzes the future of supply and demand.