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Smarter Healthcare

To build a smarter system, healthcare solutions need to be instrumented, interconnected and intelligent

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Transformation

We’re witnessing unprecedented change in the Canadian healthcare industry. From the exponential growth in data, to the tremendous opportunity that cloud, mobile and social technologies create, the rate of change in this industry is impacting all organizations – from your doctor’s office to the largest health systems across the country. We now see evidence-based and personalized medicine becoming fast realities, with entirely new levels of engagement with patients and across care teams to greatly improve health outcomes.

Redefine what’s possible

The smarter approach to healthcare is one that turns data into clinical and business insights for better outcomes. It instruments processes with those insights in real time for point of care decisions and productivity. And hospitals, medical centres and clinicians can work smarter by bringing seamless, patient-centered, holistic and proactive approaches into their interactions with a patient, to deliver better care experiences that emphasize prevention and wellness.

Forward-thinking organizations are connecting their healthcare data, systems and processes to facilitate secure communications and information sharing. Taking this step can help establish the foundation for smarter healthcare systems that seamlessly deliver integrated care, centered on the patient.

The Ottawa Hospital freed up physicians and improved patient care and flow with business process management.


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Address your critical business needs:

Build sustainable healthcare systems

Modernize and optimize your infrastructure and business operations to provide scale and resiliency; support cost containment and quality initiatives with new insights; and build a more efficient and agile organization to meet changing industry demands.

Collaborate to improve care and outcomes

Improve care and outcomes by adopting new models that promote coordination and knowledge sharing among all caregivers. Obtain new insights from your data enabling you to deliver more integrated and personalized care with greater efficiency, quality and value.

Increase access to healthcare

Expand access to care by better understanding the needs of individuals and by providing innovative health and wellness programs that engage them in new ways.

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