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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

IBM Intelligent Building Management

This integrated software offering combines real-time systems monitoring with facilities and event management to help analyze and optimize facilities operations, reduce energy expense, and improve asset management and reliability. The solution gives building owners and managers the ability to collect vital real-time energy and operational metrics, apply enterprise-wide analytics, and view that data in a cohesive dashboard to support optimization capabilities.

Visibility into your building’s operations

IBM Maximo Asset Management provides facilities managers with the software needed to manage their buildings, addressing shrink budgets and stringent regulatory requirements and provide improved satisfaction for building occupants.

TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management

TRIRIGA, an IBM company, provides an enterprise software solution to help global organizations reduce operational costs of facilities, increase return on real estate assets and mitigate environmental regulatory risks. TRIRIGA's leading enterprise sustainability solution contributes up to hundreds of millions of dollars to the financial bottom-line of large to mid-sized organizations.