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Smarter Government

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Public safety

The challenge

How do you make public safety more effective?

Reducing crime, responding effectively to a disaster, and protecting citizens and public assets are significant challenges facing governments. How your citizens perceive their safety has a direct impact on where they choose to live, work and play. Public safety solutions from IBM can help governments, public safety agencies, first responders and schools address threats and respond effectively when situations arise.


The solution

Faster, more precise emergency response

Public safety solutions use a range of smart surveillance capabilities for capturing important data, such as autonomic sense-and-respond, digital video, analytics, visualization and computational modeling, that enable an instrumented view of public safety. Enhanced forensic capabilities allow unique indexing and attribute-based search of video events to classify objects into categories such as people and cars. Real-time alerts can help anticipate incidents by identifying suspicious behaviors.

The solutions allow your organization to take a more integrated approach to public safety by linking information, people, processes and systems to enable better coordination and situational awareness for first responders. For example, a data warehouse can give firefighters access to the layout of a burning building and other critical information before they arrive at the scene of a blaze.

Overall, the solutions offer an intelligent, real-time view of incidents, giving first responders a wide overview, enabling them to more rapidly and effectively assess and respond to incidents, and thus better protect the public. A case in point—when a man walked into a Manhattan pizzeria, pulled a gun on the owner and robbed him, real-time data helped solve the crime. With only a tattoo on his neck as an identifying characteristic, a search of the data repository, including scars and tattoos, parking tickets, citations, court and prison information, social services and abuse reports, quickly provided an identity and address.


The benefits

Capture data, improve security

Public safety solutions help clients generate insight by providing a comprehensive, real-time view of events that can help emergency managers better assess needs, prioritize and coordinate actions, and proactively deploy assets to address—and potentially prevent—complex incidents. The solutions can help you:


The specifics

Enhance physical security with analytic capabilities

The public safety solutions can include: