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Identity services platform for government

The challenge

Protecting service benefits for constituents

Inaccurate identity records and fraudulent identities threaten government programs and cost citizens time, money and trust. Typically, identity systems are special-built implementations that are complex and expensive to change once installed. The identity services platform from IBM helps government agencies simplify the vetting of identities and maintenance of reliable identity records. IBM’s identity services platform can use instrumented data to make better interconnected and intelligent decisions about eligibility and enrollment for services or benefits.


The solution

Enhance identity intelligence through advanced processes and analytics

To counter the threat posed when an individual with malicious intent attempts to slip undetected through a system the identity services platform empowers agencies with access to a wide array of advanced analytics options. Innovative patent-pending identity risk data models collect the information submitted and calculate an objective risk score for each data element in an identity record.

Employing a flexible, interconnected, rules-based design, IBM’s identity data model enables an objective assessment of each identity record and can compare it to similar records in the database. The platform can formulate complex queries to both internal and external data sources and then use various analytic engines to assess the accuracy/applicability of the responses and uncover non-obvious characteristics or relationships that would indicate a potential risk.

Also, the versatile design of IBM’s identity services platform enables clients to cleanup, standardize and reuse existing identity data. Our platform enables you to gather seamlessly assimilate pre-existing data within the new identity service. This means your agency won't have to rip-and-replace your old system to achieve demonstrable benefits quickly.


The benefits

Achieve significant results quickly

The platform is designed to help you enroll and vet biometric- and text-based identity records efficiently and accurately to help you achieve:

  • Improvements in identity processing, eligibility determination and identity data management.
  • Increased identity records accuracy with the application of an advanced, risk-based data model.
  • More accurate and consistent decisions about an applicant's eligibility for any government benefit.
  • Reuse and lifecycle extension of existing data and systems, through a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


The specifics

A more flexible, customizable identity workflow process

Built on powerful IBM® WebSphere® Process Server technology, IBM’s identity services platform for government offers a masterful implementation of SOA, designed from the ground up, to flexibly route and manage all types of identity data—biometrics, text, image and unstructured data—within a single unified workflow. The identity services platform is quickly tailored to the specific client needs and, just as quickly, updated as operational needs change or new technologies are added.

The identity services platform is supported by the IBM Government Industry Framework, which offers government specific software, solution accelerators and best practices. Our framework provides a modern technological platform to improve the management and use of information and enable global business process transformation. This approach is designed to help you build a single, trusted view of each person through smarter analysis and built-in decision support.