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Smarter Government

From the city council to international collaborations, new ways of working are underway

Customs, immigration and border management

The challenge

Secure citizen information

The more intelligent, instrumented and interconnected the world becomes, the more identifying information is used—and potentially misused—about each citizen. Effective identity management is becoming a critical issue with governments worldwide as more and more people travel and seek access to services on a daily basis. Ease of access and freedom of movement must be balanced with the demand for security. Customs, immigration and border management solutions from IBM can provide the identity management capabilities governments need to safeguard citizens—and their information.


The solution

Protect civil liberties

We can help customs agencies develop and implement improved identity management solutions that enable quick and accurate identity information exchange, while protecting individual privacy rights and civil liberties. Our solutions are instrumented, with versatile biometric and biographic data uptake features that capture and search for standards-based biometrics, and provide high-speed mega-scale application scanning and processing.

This information is then interconnected across agencies so a full-scale "chain of information" is available for all transactions and activities. The solutions offer robust data and information reconciliation with applicable external systems and a wide array of tools and products that enable fast, thorough background checking, including automatic detection of missing applicant requirements. Extensive market-leading analytics tools and products offer a full spectrum of capabilities for monitoring and detection of events and usage. Real-time analysis and historical information mining and research provide the insights needed to make more intelligent decisions about customs or border entry and security.


The benefits

Speed identity management

Our customs, immigration and border management solutions can help reduce the burden on citizens of proving their identities every time they interact with your agency. This can help improve service delivery while protecting privacy and strengthening security. Our solutions can:


The specifics

Implement IBM Government Trusted Identity Services

IBM Government Trusted Identity Services is an integrated suite of identity-enrollment, vetting, credentialing and usage-tracking applications specifically tuned to meet government agencies' needs. Based on a cohesive architectural blueprint, our Government Trusted Identity Services can be delivered as a comprehensive identity solution or as individual services modules, which include: