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Smarter Government

From the city council to international collaborations, new ways of working are underway

Geographic information systems for government from IBM and ESRI

The challenge

Integrate geographic data across your organization

From asset and resource location awareness and logistics planning to tax assessment, emergency response and crime data analysis, governing organizations rely on geographically related data. Integrating geographic information systems (GIS) with government applications, such as asset management, water management, crime information warehousing and emergency response can extend the value of those applications by increasing accuracy, efficiency and productivity.


The solution

Collect, manage and analyze geospatial data for better governing

GIS solutions for government from IBM and ESRI are designed to help your organization manage and deliver spatial data by geographic location, and integrate this data with existing applications. This can help you visualize scenarios, extend intelligence, make more informed decisions and address complex issues such as:

To share and visualize this data, IBM provides interconnected support, through database management, for ESRI’s rich product set in order to work seamlessly across your organization. Your users can access intelligence about GIS data using browser-based desktop or mobile clients, and enable applications and services for spatial data management, visualization and spatial analysis.


The benefits

Boost precision in spatial data and use

Proven IBM technology and industry-leading service oriented architecture (SOA), combined with comprehensive ESRI GIS client, server and Web services technology, enable collaboration through the rapid distribution of GIS services over virtually every type of network. Our suite of government-focused GIS solutions:


The specifics

Technology to help make geographic information systems simpler

IBM provides a wide array of hardware, software and professional services critical to making applications enterprise-ready. ESRI supplies the geographic information system (GIS) technology. Together, we deliver an end-to-end solution that includes: