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Smarter Government

From the city council to international collaborations, new ways of working are underway

Performance management for government

The challenge

If government is the glue...

Call it the triple threat of challenges for governments: a down economy accompanied by dwindling revenues and increased demands for services, aging infrastructures and facilities, and avalanches of data to manage. Factor in additional, challenges such as demonstrating accountability and transparency to the citizens they serve and providing better visibility to the regulators who oversee them. Governments on all levels need a smarter way to handle everything in sync.


The solution

...performance management is the framework

Log on to a government Web site to pay taxes online. Use a toll tag to glide past a toll booth. Present the bar code on a license or identity card to a handheld scanner. As our tools become more intelligent and our individual worlds become more intertwined, every keystroke adds to the data that government agencies have to keep track of. The productive sharing of data among agencies and even nations is critical and performance management provides the key to efficiency and interconnection.

IBM® Cognos performance management solutions for government aggregate critical data to deliver one complete view of the information a government generates and receives. It delivers that information in a way that allows officials to truly understand in detail how they are performing against their strategic goals and objectives—and gives them the power to re-allocate resources to ensure they are achieving those strategic goals and objectives. IBM Cognos software delivers the scorecarding, reporting, analysis and planning tools needed to better manage information and optimize performance.

As a result, agencies can gain a more complete, intelligent picture of their performance—the connections and direction—and the details that enable timely, informed decisions The result: Programs are more effective, budgets are more controlled and transparent, offenders find it harder to hide, and children and other fragile citizens are less likely to fall through the cracks.


The benefits

All together in one place

IBM Cognos performance management solutions improve visibility into and across all functions of government—at the agency and departmental level—to tie program success to budget allocation, and increase organizational responsiveness and effectiveness. This can help governments:


The specifics

Smart, streamlined operations

IBM Cognos performance management solutions provide access to reliable, timely information that drives better decisions and provides a secure, integrated, best-practices platform for government performance management. The solutions include: