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Smarter Government

From the city council to international collaborations, new ways of working are underway

Is smarter government possible in times of economic uncertainty, rising costs and information overload? Yes.

The pressure on government to increase efficiency, meet citizen needs, as well as fuel innovation and growth is intensifying in Canada. IBM’s deep industry solution expertise can help Canadian government organizations at all levels to reduce costs, optimize business and operational processes, and better engage with citizens to improve program outcomes through the use of analytics, cloud, and mobility solutions as well as digital transformation.

Key Government Imperatives

Improve government health and social programs
Support the health and welfare of citizens by delivering services that are tailored to individual needs, coordinated across agencies, and focused on outcomes.

Improve public safety
Create safer communities by giving law enforcement, emergency management and city personnel the real-time intelligence to respond swiftly to emergencies, prevent crime and manage city operations.

Strengthen national security
Optimize military support functions—including logistics, business processes, IT, and intelligence gathering and analysis—in order to improve a nation’s defence position.

Protect the nation's borders
Facilitate travel and trade while keeping the nation safe by expediting the movement of people and goods between borders, accurately and efficiently collecting duties and processing visas, and intercepting unwanted visitors and contraband.

Manage resources effectively
Improve government performance and operations by finding efficiencies in your people, processes and infrastructure and by managing environmental resources responsibly.

Build intelligent transportation systems
Improve the commuter experience and ensure the sustainability of your transportation system with a transport network that minimizes congestion and emissions, while improving safety, reliability and citizen satisfaction.

Protect the environment by preserving natural resources
Develop and deploy smarter approaches to water management to solve the world’s water crisis.

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On-Demand Webcasts

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IBM Canada Data and Services Centres

IBM Services Centre: Nova Scotia

Part of IBM’s global network of IBM Services Centres that provide application management and consulting services to manage and transform IT systems for local government departments, businesses and universities.

The IBM Canada Leadership Data Centre

Using advanced modular & green design for maximum efficiency to help organizations reduce costs, manage risk.

Smarter Data Centres for Government Solutions

IBM Services Centre: New Brunswick

Providing system infrastructure support, resiliency, security and mobility services.


Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, Social Collaboration and Security for Government

IBM government industry solutions are backed by deep government domain expertise, proven client outcomes and over $6B USD in annual R&D in the areas of Big Data and Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, Social Collaboration and Security.


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Cognitive Computing, Big Data and Analytics for Smarter Government – Dr. David McQueeney, Vice President, Computing as a Service, IBM Research
A cognitive computing system interacts with a human expert to solve problems that neither can solve alone. Dr. David McQueeney, Vice President, Computing as a Service, IBM Research talks about how governments are seeing the benefits of cognitive computing, Big Data and analytics.

How Government can create a "Mobile First" Experience - Warren Tomlin, Managing Partner, Strategy and Analytics, IBM Global Business Services
Mobility and data are key technologies that will impact governments over the next few years. According to Warren Tomlin, Managing Partner, Strategy and Analytics, IBM Global Business Services, governments must begin to make technology decisions with the “mobile first” experience in mind.

Digital Government: Powered by Cloud - Angus Palmer, Cloud Managed Services Executive, IBM Canada
How can cloud enable a digital government? Angus Palmer, Cloud Managed Services Executive, IBM Canada says we have many opportunities to use cloud to engage constituents with, for example, electronic voting – with security that is better than what they can achieve in-house.