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Order-to-cash for telecommunications

The challenge

Streamline your process from order to payment

A customer just ordered new phones for his whole family. This sets off a chain reaction of backend processes. From updating the customer’s billing, to fulfilling the order, to making a record of the new services to go along with those phones. Any gap in that process is an opportunity for leakage. IBM can help you transform your order-to-cash processes to improve the efficiency of service ordering, delivery and payment, increase billing accuracy and reduce revenue leakage. Also, you can build the foundation to offer the services your customers want without a strain on your resources and your bottom line.


The solution

Break down the silos to interconnect and improve operations

The order-to-cash solution for telecommunications from IBM is designed to help your business overcome key operational process challenges that may occur at any point from ordering to collections. Our solution is designed to enable your billing systems to collect call-detail records generated across various customer touch points. Use this intelligence to build more complete customer master records to track billing and fulfillment across your company. Our solution provides for comprehensive integration so you can share customer, fulfillment and billing information to eliminate silos and improve process flow, collaboration and productivity.

These systems can also be integrated into other systems, such as financial systems. As part of the solution, IBM® Component Business Modeling Services can help analyze organizational capabilities and strategic priorities, identify gaps and opportunities for growth and improvement, and develop a transformation roadmap. Our solution also builds on process modeling to optimize and integrate business processes, keeping them in line with your strategic goals.


The benefits

Simplify, integrate and achieve improvements

Our solution allows your telecommunication business to achieve operational benefits, such as:


The specifics

The foundation for improved processes

The order-to-cash solution offers an IBM order entry and management application—a simple, consolidated, Web-based application designed to service the residential market—which IBM already implemented for a large North American communications service provider. The application includes a wide product set, including landline (wireline) products, IPTV, VoIP, Internet and satellite services. It is based on a J2EE™ platform, and runs on IBM System p® hardware and IBM AIX®.