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IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform

The challenge

Do cloud smarter. Do cloud faster.

Communications service providers (CSPs) and many others are racing to offer cloud-based services. CSPs are uniquely well-positioned to capitalize on this new market opportunity using the assets they already have in place. These include networks and systems, customer connections, brand strength, and track records of large-scale service delivery and management for millions of customers. The winners will be those that offer the most compelling and attractive set of services that are easy to obtain, use and manage, priced right and continually refreshed. The IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform from IBM can help CSPs stand out from the crowd, provide greater value to customers, and drive profitable growth and share gains.


The solution

Create, manage and monetize cloud-based services

The IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform was created for communications service providers seeking rapid enablement of a comprehensive cloud services platform. The solution provides CSPs with the right business approach, capabilities and operational environment to cost-effectively create smarter cloud services that resonate with customers; manage cloud services with a scalable, carrier-grade, integrated cloud service management solution; and monetize their assets and cloud investments. We offer private clouds to help lower your cost structure while improving business flexibility, and public clouds that can cost-effectively create new revenue streams.

By integrating IT with communications and connectivity capabilities, CSPs can launch, manage and support a new portfolio of cloud-based services. These can range from an accounting application that is available to all stakeholders in a small business, to computing resources that enable increased productivity and collaboration within a community of application developers, to digital file storage and access for individuals. The solution requires minimal upfront investment with a pay-as-you-grow model to mitigate risk and enable an attractive usage-based pricing model for customers.


The benefits

Capture new revenue streams while improving efficiencies

The IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform is specifically tailored to the needs of CSPs and is designed to help them successfully:

  • Create cloud services that harness the strengths of a diverse partner ecosystem and rapidly enable applications and solutions to extend their market reach.
  • Manage cloud services quickly and easily with an open, carrier-grade, secure, scalable, automated and integrated service management solution.
  • Monetize cloud services by leveraging business intelligence and analytics to achieve differentiation, maximize revenue and enhance the customer experience.


The specifics

A complete business solution, not just the latest technology

As CSPs evolve into cloud service providers they seek a trusted partner with not only technological capabilities, but also a rich partner portfolio and the ability to get connected to it. IBM can help you with rapid sales transformation and enablement capabilities, advanced business intelligence and analytics systems and services, and the web portal enhancement abilities and expertise required to help you successfully create, manage and monetize a wide variety of cloud-based services.