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Service assurance and fulfillment for telecommunications

The challenge

Exceptional customer experience, network quality and service delivery

These days, customers expect on demand access to everything from product and service data to technical support. To deliver seamlessly across your enterprise, you must integrate your operational and business support systems. The service assurance and fulfillment solution for telecommunications from IBM can help you bring together your processes and systems, so your business can become more efficient, responsive and successful in the face of growing consumer demands.


The solution

Seamlessly integrate order management, delivery and service assurance

The service assurance and fulfillment solution can help integrate business processes with service delivery systems, modernize legacy and proprietary systems, and focus on fast return on investment. By instrumenting your service assurance and fulfillment systems, you can collect information from the network to optimize network performance, identify network faults and provision the network with new offerings.

Our solution can also collect data from heat and power sensors deployed in the field at cell sites to proactively identify problems. It can interconnect your systems and offer trouble ticketing systems to automate the status of network fixes. And it can connect fulfillment systems to inventory systems to assess the availability of the components needed to provision a customer with a service. Take a smarter approach to service assurance and fulfillment with systems that translate network information into intelligent dashboards for network operations personnel.


The benefits

Drive a better customer experience and cost-effective problem resolution

It is more important than ever to focus on your customer's perception of quality to drive retention and service adoption. Our solution can help:


The specifics

Optimize IT for business performance

Your customized service assurance and fulfillment solution may include: