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Churn prediction solution for telecommunications from IBM

The challenge

Predict and prevent customer churn

Competition and subscriber churn are perhaps the biggest challenges in the telecommunications industry. You want to know which subscribers may defect prior to losing their business, not after they’re already gone. So how do you keep from losing those customers to your competitors? Current prediction models have reached their limit; our advanced analytical technologies take the prediction art to a new level and enable marketing, customer service and operations teams to better understand the causes of customer churn and target campaigns towards their retention.


The solution

Supply your employees with the right retention tools

Equip your personnel with new qualitative information using social network and social media analysis to drive their campaign efforts. Align your business processes and marketing efforts around a shared view of customers believed to be at a high risk of defection. Our solution is designed to help your company become more instrumented and interconnected, providing the intelligence needed to identify likely churn candidates days or weeks before they are likely to leave so you can retain and nurture your most-valued subscribers. Through our new models for predictive analysis, your marketing, sales and customer service teams are more likely to maintain customer levels in addition to reducing costs through more efficient retention campaign targeting.

We can help you better anticipate customer behavior, such as churn, and make campaign management applications more effective so you can reach customers at the right time, with the right offer through the right channel. Our solution also enables you to measure the actual performance of your retention efforts to help ensure they are on target.


The benefits

Retain your most valued customers

Our solution is designed to help your company better understand and improve your current retention levels of subscribers by:

  • Utilizing analytical and advanced means to enrich your knowledge of the customer.
  • Focusing new and innovative customer observations into a single hub for a centralized view and cross fertilizing results.
  • Helping you understand which subscribers are candidates for churn.
  • Helping increase competitive advantage by keeping more customers and knowing how to gain new ones.
  • Helping reduce costs through more efficient retention campaigns and product offerings.
  • Creating an operational platform that can expose a rich customer behavior profile to the OSS/BSS through web services.


The specifics

Advanced analytics help you work smarter

Our solution provides a platform for moving from reactive to predictive, and for building the predictive enterprise. Churn prediction takes information about historical behavior of subscribers, revenue, operations, their activities in various social interactions and other performance, and applies predictive models to determine the likelihood for churn. Make informed decisions for your company, enabling you to keep the customers you have and obtain more of the subscribers you want.

The churn prediction solution for telecommunications can include the following technologies:

  • IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence: software combines operational and financial data from across your organization into a single source of information for reporting, analysis, dashboards and scorecards to help drive better business decisions.
  • IBM Cognos: provides a near real time view of changing customer behavioral parameters
  • IBM Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS): software encapsulates advanced mathematical and statistical expertise to extract predictive knowledge that when deployed into existing processes can make them adaptive to help improve outcomes.
  • Customer analytic hub from IBM: based on the Master Information Hub platform.