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Service assurance for communications

The challenge

What's the level of churn in your customer base?

In today's market, customer loyalty toward any one communications service provider (CSP) is inconsistent, with little in the way of obstacles to prevent customers from moving from one service provider to another. Customers want uninterrupted coverage, higher call quality and few, if any, dropped or failed calls. With service assurance solutions for communications from IBM, CSPs can manage network performance and improve service quality while reducing costs through process automation and operational efficiencies. As a result, you can deliver a high-quality customer experience to help attract and retain customers.


The solution

Optimize network performance

Our solutions can help you take a more proactive approach to service assurance with out-of-the-box support for monitoring service and network equipment. This can improve visibility into your business and operational indicators with near real-time monitoring of events and activity across your business through executive dashboards. Our solutions also help you view all of your different management systems under a single pane of glass to help improve network performance and reduce your overall operations costs. Instead of having to monitor and manage each system separately, you can have one console that looks at them all. And when something goes wrong, you can initiate corrective action from that one console. Using advanced capabilities, you can even model a new service to anticipate its impact on your existing infrastructure and assess how it works with the devices that you've already acquired.


The benefits

Deliver high quality services

Our service assurance solutions are designed to help CSPs more effectively manage next-generation network (NGN) technologies, driving improved service quality while reducing costs through process automation and operational efficiencies. The solutions can help you:


The specifics

Technology that delivers service assurance innovation

The service assurance solutions can include: