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Customer interaction solutions for banking

The challenge

Your customers only want everything

Customers have more ways than ever to interact with your bank—in the branch, over the Internet, with a mobile device, at the ATM or through your call center. But complex, redundant systems—often as the result of mergers and acquisitions—can compromise your ability to deliver the right services through the channels they prefer. Multiple IT systems and numerous customer data storage locations can also limit your bank’s ability to cross-sell and up-sell based on customer needs.


The solution

Pulling it all together. Making it all work for you.

The customer interaction solutions for banking from IBM are designed to link information from every customer touch point to build a complete view of your relationship with account holders, no matter how they choose to bank. Making this valuable customer information available to all stakeholders, business systems and processes helps you deliver a seamless customer experience across all channels to grow customer loyalty at a time when the value of loyalty is priceless.

These solutions also provide advanced analytics capabilities to turn information into insights to help you understand your customers more completely so you can take a smarter, more profitable approach to meeting their needs. These insights also help you proactively offer products and services of value to them to capture new sales opportunities and enhance the loyalty of existing customers—perhaps turning them into advocates for your bank.


The benefits

Make every interaction count

Understanding and meeting the needs of your customers, particularly the most profitable ones, is critical to driving sustainable growth. Our customer interaction solutions enable a consistent, personalized, multichannel customer experience. Our solutions can also help reduce redundancy, improve flexibility and enhance the flow of real-time information to and from virtually all touch points. This approach can inspire customer loyalty while helping reduce the total cost of system ownership.

You can apply our customer interaction solutions to achieve:

  • Channel integration: Seamlessly integrate data, channels and processes.
  • Channel optimization: Cost-effectively enable customers to interact with your bank at any time through any channel.
  • Process optimization: Streamline and optimize processes, like account opening and lending.
  • Collaboration and communications: Empower your staff to be more productive and responsive by connecting with others.


The specifics

The IBM Banking Industry Framework

Our customer interaction solutions are enabled by the IBM Banking Industry Framework. This framework combines the power of IBM software with banking-specific software extensions, accelerators and best practices aligned with the needs of your business. We can help you migrate to a more strategic and flexible technology architecture so you can deploy your solutions faster—at a lower cost and with less risk. Take advantage of the framework’s structured approach that combines best-in-class industry assets, repeatable software patterns and IBM Business Partner offerings to gain valuable information from every customer interaction so you can deliver the right services to the right customer at the right time.