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IT security infrastructure solutions

The challenge

New challenges and new risks

Trust is the foundation of a financial institution's relationship with its customers. This fundamental requirement mandates that all institution operations meet or exceed security standards. Securing daily operations when processes are rapidly changing makes this challenging task exceptionally difficult. IT security infrastructure solutions for financial services from IBM combine market-leading technology and a comprehensive services portfolio to design an IT security solution that is customized to your specific needs.


The solution

Lower cost and complexity—without compromise

Security solutions from IBM include people and identity management; data and information protection; Web application and process management; and network, server and endpoint security.

These solutions include capabilities that let you take an instrumented approach to identity management, with a user interface tailored to specific types of users—such as auditors, managers, administrators and more—that is highly customizable. The interconnected nature of the solutions allows innovation to thrive through the secured, end-to-end infrastructure and platforms. This leads to a more intelligent approach to security for financial enterprises, as data about current and emerging threats continuously informs proactive security procedures and best practices.


The benefits

Understand, mitigate and manage security risks

IT security infrastructure solutions from IBM can help you:


The specifics

Create an intelligent infrastructure

IBM's security strategy is to enable you to deploy repeatable and testable controls over access to your sensitive business assets. Our solutions include technology such as: