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Compliance information lifecycle management solution for financial services

The challenge

Unite the silos of information

With more than 4000 new regulations in the pipeline, enterprises will spend over US$1.1 trillion to comply with U.S. Federal requirements alone. The compliance information lifecycle management (CILM) solution for financial services from IBM offers a holistic approach to governing information over its life cycle. It provides a major step forward in helping your institution become smarter about the ways you manage your compliance risk.


The solution

Information management that is connected, transparent

The CILM solution allows your compliance process to become more instrumented and less labor-based using an automated, context-based classification approach for managing structured and unstructured data collected from multiple sources and repositories. By breaking down silos of information and managing data located across many distributed locations—from remote facilities to branch locations to mobile workers—you can become a more interconnected business. As a result, the solution enables a more intelligent approach to meeting regulations and maintaining compliance in your business imperatives, including risk thresholds, financial crimes prevention, and IT and infrastructure risk management.

The solution includes a complete set of integrated capabilities, including:


The benefits

A sound strategy for the full life cycle of information

The CILM solution allows you to:


The specifics

On-ramps to compliance

The CILM solution draws on the proven capabilities of IBM® Information Lifecycle Governance, which is a comprehensive compliance platform with flexible, integrated on-ramps that help organizations gain control and manage the lifespan of their information. Specific on-ramps are available to: