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Stream computing for financial services

The challenge

From information comes insight

Across the global financial system, data doesn't just come in waves—it's an incessant blizzard. In fact, as one example of the volumes of data, some financial organizations consume market data at rates exceeding one million messages per second, twice the peak rates they experienced only a year ago. But without a business intelligence architecture that can process vast amounts of data in any format, in real time, your financial services enterprise could be lost in a whiteout.


The solution

Become a real-world-aware enterprise

With rapid, intelligent analysis of live streaming data from a practically unlimited number of sources, the stream computing solution delivers real-time insight from a chaotic mix of structured and unstructured data.

The solution strengthens the instrumentation of your trading processes by allowing every bit of data pulled from a wide variety of sources (video, audio, market data, news feeds and sensor data streams) to become more visible, measurable and actionable.

This data is interconnected across a variety of systems so banks, traders and even insurers can execute transactions using timely and accurate information.

This more intelligent system of data consumption from countless external sources—along with internal, proprietary data—can allow financial services firms to become more nimble with their operations and smarter with their decisions.


The benefits

Real-time, forward-looking and analytical

The solution delivers perpetual analytics to enable a smarter approach to financial services so you can:


The specifics

The technology behind the solution

The stream computing platform employs breakthrough processing algorithms and computing architectures that enable the modeling and analysis of data from virtually any source.