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Core systems transformation for banking

The challenge

New answers in challenging times

Are older systems holding you back? How fast can you launch products or comply with new regulations? Today’s economy demands that financial institutions develop the agility required to execute strategies that are based on rethinking business models. Beyond simple cost cutting measures, which tend to reduce capacity, banks need to find new ways to lower their cost curve to reduce operating costs on a permanent basis. In order to meet these needs, they must reduce complexity—while addressing competition, regulations and the operational issues that result from mergers, acquisitions or divestitures.


The solution

Smarter operations start at the core

A smart bank anticipates client needs, is customer-centric and delivers innovative products more quickly, cost effectively and consistently than the competition. The core systems transformation solutions for banking can help your bank enhance data capture and integration from across the organization and beyond to create a "single source of truth" with improved data quality and integrity. By employing an instrumented, modular architectural design, the solutions provide for greater efficiencies, reuse and plug-and-play abilities. They can also help you achieve predictable outcomes of IT-related services at the lowest possible unit cost.

The data is then made available across the organization and beyond, providing you with granular control of information across customers, counterparties, partners, suppliers and social networks. This interconnectedness allows for superior agility, and can help you quickly and efficiently respond to evolving business needs, innovate across the value chain and seize market opportunities. In addition, analytics capabilities—that can be applied to structured and unstructured data—help you develop near-real-time insights that are forward-looking and predictive. This information can be used for dynamic relationship pricing, product bundling, customer and product analytics, and other business decisions.


The benefits

Simplify, standardize, speed up and save

Your bank's success depends on smart cost and risk management, efficient operations and strong customer relationships. Our core systems transformation solutions can help you drive:


The specifics

The right tools for the job

Our core systems transformation solutions help banks move toward next-generation core systems in a progressive manner. The solutions are built on the IBM® Banking Industry Framework, which provides a core banking-specific platform delivering:

In addition, IBM offers the banking industry unparalleled technology and expertise. Optimize your business value with our proven products and services: