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Building a Smarter Planet

How do you make a smarter planet?

Watch the solution of Aurora (10)

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Coming up with smart and sustainable solutions to the challenges that we are currently facing as a society requires not only knowledge but also creative thinking and imagination. This is why we decided to tap the creativity and imagination of young kids who have their own unique perspective on how to tackle the problems that we face. So we invited a group of school children to the IBM head office for a brainstorm session. This resulted in all sorts of original ideas and solutions. A number of ideas seemed really worth a try. One of these was Aurora’s idea: a zebra crossing that would light up when you stepped on the crossing so it would be safer for kids to cross the street. We decided to take this idea a step further and designed a special mat with LED lighting in the form of a zebra crossing and installed it at a busy intersection. We were very curious what effect this would have. If you are curious as well check out the video below. You will see: nobody could ignore Aurora’s zebra crossing.

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