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Social is the future of work.

When employees and customers connect, access essential information and share their best ideas, new processes and more authentic engagement start to define your brand and competitive edge.

Discover how IBM can help you find a social strategy that will drive cost savings, increase revenue and change the way you see opportunity.

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Maribel Lopez
Founder and
Principal Analyst,
Lopez Research

Transcript (74 KB)

Ted Schadler
Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Transcript (115 KB)

Deepak Advani
Vice President, IBM Business Analytics Products and Solutions

Transcript (86 KB)

Andy McAfee
Principal Research Scientist, MIT Centre for Digital Business

Transcript (114 KB)

Ray Wang
Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research

Transcript (118 KB)

Irene Greif
Director, IBM Research Centre for Social Business

Transcript (129 KB)

Mike Rhodin
Senior Vice President, IBM
Software Solutions

Transcript (81 KB)

Stephen O'Grady and James Governor
Analysts and co-founders, Redmonk

Transcript (148 KB)

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