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Solutions for a more instrumented, interconnected world.

As CMOs embrace the imperatives of a new marketing profession, IBM serves as a premier partner, with best of breed solutions to help.

Understanding Each Customer

Traditional means of gaining customer insight like market research and competitive benchmarking no longer provide a complete picture of your customer. Instead we look to the numerous data points being offered up through your customers’ interactions and transactions. IBM solutions help to integrate these data sources through new technologies and advanced analytics. This provides you with a true picture of customer trends and buying behavior, revealing unexplored areas for growth and innovation.

Consumer Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Driving Engagement

Today’s digitally empowered customers expect communications to be tailored to their preferences and needs. They want to be able to engage with your brand on their terms and to be responded to as individuals rather than a generic segment. IBM solutions allow you to identify the customer’s most receptive points along their journey and to strategically leverage these points and build tailored experiences. By leveraging real-time data you are able to alter your marketing techniques faster than your competitors, delivering impactful and engaging campaigns. The overall outcome is a win-win situation – for your brand and for your customer.

Multi-channel Marketing Optimisation

Digital Marketing Optimisation (ZA)

Marketing Performance Optimisation

Price, Promotion and Product Mix Optimisation

Enterprise Marketing Management

Social Media Marketing

Linking Brand and Culture

Your brand is central to everything your company says or does. In order to create a more powerful customer experience, the brand cannot only be what a customer takes away, but must be integral to your organisational culture. New marketing capabilities are required to speak in one engaging voice. IBM solutions can help you achieve this with social media brand management ensuring brand values are embedded in core processes and capabilities.

Social Content Management

Customer Experience Management


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