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Smarter classroom

The challenge

Provide a 21st century education

How can your campus provide more flexible access to learning resources? How can technology improve student outcomes? Are you struggling to maintain the cost of an aging, inflexible infrastructure? A smarter classroom can help you build a dynamic infrastructure for "any device" learning. Enable predictive insights for teachers. And create personalised learning strategies tailored to each student to improve academic performance.


The solution

Building a smarter classroom

From primary schools to universities, new technologies, open and accessible educational resources, and student performance analytics provide a customised learning experience and better outcomes for students. But a smarter classroom requires a dynamic infrastructure that is more flexible, interconnected and predictive.

By leveraging thin clients, hosted desktops and mobile devices and taking advantage of cloud computing and virtualisation, your systems become more instrumented and able to capture and convey critical learning content at many points throughout your system.

With open education resources and tools for personalised learning, education becomes more interconnected, with students and teachers accessing the same resources throughout your district and with other institutions.

Dashboards for teachers and administrators can provide insights into key assessment data and predictive measures to create a personalised learning plan for every student. This intelligence, combined with performance analytics, can give administrators the information they need to make smarter decisions for their school systems.


The benefits

Maximise your budget. Improve learning.

The smarter classroom provides a solution for limited budgets and fulfills the need for more personalised education:


The specifics

Technology that can help extend the classroom

The smarter classroom delivers these benefits through:


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