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Smarter Cities

Safe neighborhoods. Quality schools.
Affordable housing. Traffic that flows.
It's all possible.

Intelligent transportation solutions from IBM

The challenge

Global gridlock

Cities and governments everywhere battle with stressed transportation networks—the result of an increase in demand and an inability to build a sufficient infrastructure to cope. As urban congestion continues to grow, cities will suffer more than steep financial losses—they will endure greater pollution and safety problems as well. None of which is smart for business or healthy for the planet.


The solution

Paving the way for innovation

Intelligent transportation solutions from IBM help cities instrument vehicles in all modes of transportation and the infrastructure they move on—streets and traffic lights, bridges, high-speed railroad tracks and trains, airline baggage handling, freight pallets, ticket systems, and even the mobile devices carried by travellers. When all components of the system are instrumented and interconnected, cities can understand where vehicles and people are going, when, how often, and perhaps even why. All of this instrumentation then generates new data, which advanced analytics can turn into intelligence in the form of insight, so better transportation management decisions can be made, often in real time.


The benefits

A healthy system of transport

Intelligent transportation solutions can help:


The specifics

Driving change with expertise

This solution portfolio is made of core IBM offerings, including:


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