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Turnaround optimisation for chemicals and petroleum

The challenge

Lack of insight leads to cumbersome turnarounds

Chemicals and petroleum companies must regularly shut down production for preventive and corrective maintenance activities, modifications to plants, and tie-ins of new equipment. Turnarounds may be planned or unplanned. They may be driven by inspection, certification requirements, vendor overhauls or capital projects to improve performance. In all cases, turnarounds represent a departure from business as usual.


The solution

Utilise detailed information to optimise turnarounds

With a new approach from IBM, you can stop spinning your wheels with turnarounds, and instead make them opportunities for competitive advantage and effectiveness. The turnaround optimisation solution for chemicals and petroleum from IBM uses an integration framework that automates collection of key data from enterprise resource planning (ERP), maintenance and planning systems. It complements the existing functionality found in typical ERP packages to allow you to exploit detailed information to optimise your turnarounds. The solution may also be extended with asset management functionality and connectivity using enterprise asset management tools such as IBM® Maximo® software.


The benefits

Deep business insight for intelligence-driven decisions

At the heart of the turnaround optimisation solution is a new toolset that enables decision making, risk analysis and execution planning with an integrated view of turnaround. The solution provides accurate information from across your company, so you can make intelligent turnaround decisions based on real insight, instead of "gut feelings."

The solution enables you to:

  • Gain an integrated enterprise-wide business view of turnarounds.
  • Discover and evaluate possible performance problems prior to turnaround execution.
  • Use deeper business insight to plan turnaround frequency and duration scenarios that result in the lowest production loss-and the best production efficiency targets.
  • Easily understand and manage asset interdependencies


The specifics

Delivering an integrated view of turnarounds

With the turnaround optimisation solution, deep business insight replaces or augments traditional hunch-based decision making. The result is an improved bottom-line: lower cost turnarounds, more production revenue realised, and improved asset value and operations going forward. The solution is comprised of three core components:

  • Turnaround performance monitor standardises the way you set up, monitor and benchmark turnarounds across facilities.
  • Turnaround performance analyser uses facts to plan turnaround frequency and duration scenarios.
  • Turnaround optimiser helps synchronise turnaround plans across assets.

More than just technology, this solution helps you develop new competencies, processes and information strategies that change many of the fundamental activities in planning and executing turnarounds.



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