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A prescription for a smarter healthcare system

A smart healthcare system is a connected healthcare system. By 2010, 30%of the data stored on the world's computers will be medical images. The trouble is, a lot of that information is trapped and disconnected. A smarter healthcare system connects the data so those who treat our illnesses, heal our injuries and keep us healthy can do so even better.

What we offer
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e Health and Collaboration - collaborative care and wellness

Collaborative care teams need to work across Healthcare settings to deliver integrated, personalised care experiences, prevent disease, promote wellness and manage care. To enable them to do this, they require a holistic view of an individual's health. IBM offers innovative solutions, capabilities and partnerships to assist healthcare organisations to do this.

Health Analytics - better quality wellness and outcomes

Healthcare organisations/ enterprises need to create an environment in which information is systematically integrated, analysed and broadly available. Insights can improve transparency and support decision making within and across clinical, business and research domains. IBM offers innovative solutions, capabilities and partnerships to assist organisations to achieve this.

Clinical and Business Transformation - operational effectiveness

Healthcare organisations can improve patient value and help shape transformational efforts for collaborative care, whilst improving quality, outcomes and efficiency. IBM offers innovative solutions and a proven track record, enabled by extensive experience, capabilities and partnerships to assist with transformation of your healthcare organisation.


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