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Smart Work

If our processes can become more predictive, agile and collaborative, we can become smarter about how we work through data analysis and thereby increase our productivity.

These organisations are getting smarter about managing productivity

Productivity management helps these three organizations work smarter.

Flexing a supply chain
Yansha, a regional Chinese retailer of upscale brands, deployed a first-of-its-kind SOA-based supply chain platform from IBM for its employees and 1,800 suppliers. They can get a real-time performance view into their supply chain... and lead times improved from 2.5 days to 4.5 hours.

Monitoring all points of the process
IBM is helping Norwegian oil and gas company StatoilHydro use sensors and telemetry to monitor conditions in real time. By pooling all of the sensory data from fields and rigs and combining it with 3-D visualisation, employees can make smarter decisions.

Productivity management helps these three organizations work smarter.

Working in real time
Danone, the world's leading maker of fresh dairy products, can now react dynamically to key market changes. Danone's planners work smarter, making real-time adjustments that are interconnected to the production process and improving critical key performance indicators from days to hours.