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Smarter Cities

Economic vitality 2.0 (PDF, 932KB)

Economic vitality 2.0
How public sector organizations can embrace the digital era

In the city with Catherine Bracy

In the city with Catherine Bracy
Cities thrive when citizens use open-source data

Personalized healthcare is now possible

Personalized healthcare is now possible
See how the journey of health is changing

Read the IBM industry solutions paper (PDF, 2.06MB)

Manage information more effectively
Create opportunities through leadership and innovation

TED@IBM presentation

TED@IBM presentation
Gianluca Ambrosetti explains how to solve the energy crisis one sunflower at a time

Miami made with social. Watch the video.

Miami made with social
When citizens connect, city leaders gain instant feedback

It's all about leadership Michael Dixon on engaging communities for smarter cities. Watch the video.

It's all about leadership
Michael Dixon on engaging communities for smarter cities


Analyzing the future of cities

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Smarter cities of all sizes are capitalizing on new technologies and insights to transform their systems, operations and service delivery.

Competition among cities to engage and attract new residents, businesses and visitors means constant attention to providing a high quality of life and vibrant economic climate. Forward-thinking leaders recognize that although tight budgets, scarce resources and legacy systems frequently challenge their goals, new and innovative technologies can help turn challenges into opportunities.

These leaders see transformative possibilities in using big data and analytics for deeper insights. Cloud for collaboration among disparate agencies. Mobile to gather data and address problems directly at the source. Social technologies for better engagement with citizens. Being smarter can change the way their cities work and help deliver on their potential as never before.

Resources for innovative cities

Analyst reports

Planning and Management

Long term insights based on comprehesive data analysis, followed up through efficient daily management, help a city stay vital and safe for its citizens and businesses.

Public safety: Emergency management

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Public safety: Law enforcement

Explore solutions  |  View case studies

Smarter buildings

Explore solutions  |  View case studies

City planning and operations

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Government and agency administration

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Fundamental services—such as roadways, mass transit and utilities—make a city desirable and livable, but the key to keeping them viable is readiness for constant change.


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Explore solutions  |  View case studies


Explore solutions  |  View case studies


Smarter cities use the system of systems to their advantage when supporting the needs of each citizen through social programs, healthcare and education.

Social programs

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Explore solutions  |  View case studies


Explore solutions  |  View case studies