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Create sustainable business practices

The Green Sigma™ Coalition was created in partnership with like-minded companies who want to help organizations become more efficient and sustainable. They can help reduce operating costs, thrive in new markets, build supply chains and business operations that minimize environmental impact. They can help anticipate and prepare for new regulatory requirements and enhance brand value.

Design, plan and build smarter data centers

Increasingly efficient, high-density computers provide an opportunity to get more value from every square foot of space in your data center. But powerful blade and "pizza box" servers consume a lot of energy, which grows more expensive every year. And they generate heat, which can cause servers to shut down and limit your ability to add much-needed equipment.

Customer operations transformation

Rising energy costs and technology advances are leading to more informed and involved utility customers. They want to know how much energy they are using, where they can optimize usage, and in some cases, how to implement their own renewable energy sources.

IBM Intelligent Utility Network Solution

Utilities are a critical link to improving energy efficiency, integrating renewable sources of energy and addressing climate change. IBM can add a layer of intelligence to your utility, using the power of information to automate, monitor and control your operations.

Power generation optimization

From concerns about energy security to volatile fuel costs to environmental concerns, the energy and utilities industry is more complicated than ever. Power generation optimization solutions from IBM can help you improve plant operations, manage assets and information, and plan for supply expansion to meet these challenges.

Wind power suite

Smart wind farm management requires an integrated, standards-based solution that reduces maintenance and labor costs and improves visibility and control of operations. The IBM Wind Power Suite can provide the real-time information needed to monitor the health of wind assets from multiple manufacturers.

The IBM Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities Framework

Transform your network to empower customers and enable sustainable energy technologies. The IBM Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities Framework (SAFE) can integrate, manage and optimize utility systems.

IBM Traffic Prediction Tool

The IBM® Traffic Prediction Tool uses historical and current, real-time traffic data to anticipate future trends. This can help traffic controllers anticipate congestion and institute ways to better control it. Make traffic and public transit systems flow more smoothly. Deliver more capacity to meet growing demand.

Intelligent transportation solutions from IBM

Our current transportation infrastructure can't handle the world's growing traffic needs. From road charging to dynamic signage to maturity modeling, IBM can help transform transportation systems into integrated, "smart" systems that are better for citizens, governments and the environment.

Energy performance management for retail

How can retailers "go green" and why does it matter? One way to start is by controlling energy usage. Initiatives to improve energy performance management can help achieve this goal while increasing efficiency and extending asset life. Retailers can reduce costs, fuel growth and attract consumers by improving brand image.

Intelligent site operations for telecommunications

The intelligent site operations solution for telecommunications from IBM integrates management of your mobile network passive infrastructure into your active network management and applies business intelligence to operations and energy use. Our goal: to help you improve services and operations while saving money and energy.

Supply chain visibility solution for electronics

Gain visibility into critical business data across your extended supply chain and achieve the ability to synchronize operations to efficiently execute your supply chain planning processes. Mitigate risk with statistical forecasting and automatic alerts, while using analytics and real-time information to meet demand, optimize inventory and improve customer service.