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Transform financial processes

IBM Smarter Analytics can help you transform your financial processes to gain more visibility, insight and control over performance throughout your organization.

When surveyed, most CFOs say that an average of 30% of their organization’s performance potential—revenue growth, profitability and shareholder value—is lost due to subpar performance management practices. Financial analysts spend more time collecting and validating numbers than performing valuable analysis. Financial forecasts and budgets are labor intensive and obsolete mere months after they are developed. What you need is a system that automates financial analysis, allowing you to create more up-to-date reports with less effort.


Anticipate and shape the impact of financial decisions

Monitor operational and financial performance

  • Analyze the relationships between multiple key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Gain a better understanding of performance across the entire organization.

  • Uncover insights in large volumes of enterprise and big data.

Become more responsive to change

  • Develop dynamic, rolling financial plans, forecasts and budgets

  • Take advantage of evolving opportunities, driving growth and profitability.

  • Continuously reallocate resources to most effectively support your business strategy.

Make more effective decisions

  • Use real-time dashboards that provide instantaneous feedback.

  • Quickly interpret results and determine the most effective response.

  • Model and test alternative courses of action.

Improve resource management

  • Automate financial processes and eliminate manual efforts.

  • Shorten financial close and budget cycles.

  • Give analysts more time to focus on value-added analysis.