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Adopt smarter work practices for your industry

The change and complexity that companies are facing today present unique challenges—and open up new opportunities.

IBM is helping customers work smarter in many fields by developing industry-specific frameworks and approaches for dynamic, collaborative and connected work practices. Here are some success stories the banking, healthcare and retail industries.

Chart: Supporting technologies used most by outperforming companies.



As banks recover from the global financial crisis and prepare for future growth, they must redefine their business models, restore client trust and reform their risk management approach. With smarter banking systems, banks can adapt to unprecedented change more quickly and effectively.


Smarter healthcare systems connect doctors, patients and insurers to increase efficiency, reduce errors and save lives. When healthcare providers work smarter, doctors can deliver targeted and accurate treatments while patients get personalized and timely care.


Many retailers are implementing smarter working solutions to win the loyalty of savvy consumers. With smarter retail systems, retailers can respond dynamically to customer needs, optimize supply chains and improve margins.