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Save money by evaluating your IT workload with our simulator

Today, almost every part of your business produces data. Not just sales figures, product data and HR information, but equipment that reports status, inventory that is tracked by RFID, buildings that record environmental conditions and more. You are reacting to this growing stream of data, building an infrastructure that can store it and extract insight from it. Leading organizations are building Smarter Computing infrastructures that are designed for data, tuned to the task and managed with cloud technologies, improving flexibility and saving money.

Are you getting the most out of that infrastructure?

Answer a few simple questions about your business and your current IT setup and discover what a Smarter Computing infrastructure can do for your IT budget. Based on real-world, industry experience, the simulator will show you potential cost savings from consolidating your current distributed infrastructure to a Smarter Computing solution based on IBM Power Systems or IBM zEnterprise. Try the workload simulator now.

Test drive your future datacenter in 3D

Model your future datacenter with IBM Smarter Computing today with the IBM Smarter Computing Workload Simulator

Try the Smarter Computing Simulator—Model in Minutes, Savings for Years

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