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Symmetric Multi-processing Fabric

Scale service levels rapidly
When an enterprise introduces new services in the marketplace, the demand for those services is not always predictable. The delivery of these services need to be scalable to respond to varying demand, which in turn implies that the supporting IT infrastructure needs to be scalable. Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) Fabric is a technology that enables scalability of processing capacity in the IT infrastructure.

SMP Interconnect Fabric

Adding more processors to an SMP-capable system would result in a linear scaling of service performance; that is, more computational power would be created in direct proportion to the processors added. Thanks to the efficiency of IBM's interconnect fabric, linear scaling is very close to the outcome you will receive.

Suchitra Joshi, Worldwide Director for Smarter Computing Solutions

What is SMP Fabric?

SMP Fabric enables each processing node to interconnect with others – thus facilitating data exchange between all processors in the fabric. This alleviates bottlenecks, thus improving overall system performance and throughput. When more processing capacity is needed, an extra processor can be added to the SMP Fabric, and the workload is intelligently managed to exploit all the available processing capacity. Please read Suchitra Joshi's blog post on SMP Fabric to learn more about this topic.

Why is SMP Fabric so important?

How can IBM help you leverage SMP Fabric?

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Meet the SMP Fabric expert

Suchitra Joshi

Worldwide Director, Smarter Computing Solutions

About Suchitra

Suchitra Joshi is the worldwide Director for Smarter Computing Solutions in IBM's Systems and Technology Group. Suchitra has held various management and technical lead positions at IBM for over 20 years, beginning her career at the T. J. Watson Research center. Suchitra is a certified Lotus Domino programmer and Project Manager. She holds a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University and a Masters in Management Information Systems from Pace University. She has won several Research Division and Outstanding Technical Achievement awards, including a recent Corporate Technical award for her work on Middleware with Power Systems.

On the Smarter Computing Blog: SMP Interconnect Fabric

  • SMP Interconnect Fabric expert Suchitra Joshi explains the benefits to leveraging SMP Fabric in IBM systems

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